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Low Moon, an Amsterdam based musician, plays Americana and rhythm&blues. Gigs are mostly in bars, restaurants, small festivals and other (often food-related) events. The repertoire consists of own material mixed with a lot of songs from J.J. Cale and some from The Beatles, Steve Earle and Tom Waits.

Among other places, Low Moon gigged in: Cafe/restaurant De IJ-kantine, cultural centre and restaurant Dwaze Zaken, oldest irish bar in Amsterdam Mulligans, Najaarsfestival Spiegeltuin, festival De Rollende Keukens Amsterdam, Pure Markt Amsterdam, Italian Restaurant Palladio, bar/club/podium Vlla, buurtcafe 't Monumentje, de Boerenmarkt on the Noordermarkt, Boat restaurant Einde van de wereld, Buurtboerderij in Westerpark, Cafe 't Blaauwhooft Amsterdam.

Low Moon also did tours in Mexico, Thailand and is currently touring in Southern Europe.

Low Moon (Wouter Meijer) has played guitar, organ, and bass in a number of bands like The Happy Freaky Family, Firma Onkruid, Andre Manuel en de Ketterse Fanfare and Dynamo Irie. As a musician he did hundreds of gigs, some in small venues but sometimes also on big stages as Lowlands, Groene Strand (Oerol), Paradiso, Melkweg and 't Paard van Troje.


wouter@ow.dds.nl / facebook

Booking info

Usually I bring my own compact soundsystem that is sufficient for places up to 400 m2. Please make sure there's a 220V power socket within 8 meters. I bring my own lighting if necessary. Only four square meters space are needed.

If there's a PA system at the venue, please request a technical rider.

Company Intro

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Testimonials and Awards

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